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Honestly, I still don't quite know what possessed me to take the leap into writing Penance. I conjured up the gist of the plot, or rather a few specific scenes, and the plot just kept nagging to be translated into writing. I had my reservations about starting, since what I have in mind is a little too convoluted for a mini chaptered fic. The plot requires the laying of some groundwork and fleshing out of the characters' thoughts and motivations. I do hope that I can continue with Penance, and eventually finish with a satisfactory ending. As a new writer, I appreciate any feedback that I can get; what has worked for you or what hasn't. Writing has been an incredibly exhilarating ride for me, and I hope that you guys will stay with me till I'm done with Penance.

Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong, Changmin/Heechul, Changmin/Jaejoong
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Angst, drama, AU
Summary: Yunho once chose kinship over love, and is now willing to do anything as penance for his betrayal. Jaejoong had once opened his heart to Yunho, but after those eight years in jail, will he be able to trust Yunho again?
Disclaimer: This is fiction. Pure fiction. The plot, characterization, everything down to each smidgen in the writing, is a product of my imagination. I stake no claim whatsoever over the people mentioned herein.

A/N: Prologue and even-numbered chapters are set in the present, odd-numbered chapters are set in the past.

Prologue | 1 | 2a 2b | 3a 3b | 4 | 5a 5b | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9a 9b | 10 | 11a 11b | 12 | 13a 13b | 14 | 15 |

Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Angst, drama, AU, romance
Summary: Yunho has always been Jaejoong's favourite actor, even from the time he was merely a struggling rookie with bit parts in indie projects. Jaejoong is the most important actor in Yunho's life, and the main motivation for him to make his mark in a dirty industry. Sponsorship is the unspoken dirty word, an open secret, yet not so open to some. Jaejoong and Yunho find themselves hanging precariously off the precipice, grabbing desperately at any remnants of their love, lest they plunge into the dark world of sponsorship.

Prologue |1 |

Yunjae Rec list
This is a list of my favourite works by various authors. There are probably way more in the vast repository of Yunjae fiction, but these gems have left an indelible impression on me. Anyone like to recommend their favourites?

Avoiding Mirrors by krisooh
In short: Jaejoong is a celebrity with issues, and Yunho is his psychoanalyst. This story was so beautifully written. The characters had me rooting for them, and everyone, even the supporting characters, were all three-dimensional. The pain and raw emotions were so well-written that my heart literally clenched reading certain chapters. This is totally a gem of a story.

Blackout and its sequel If Happily Ever After Exists by magalix3
Jaejoong is a drug addict who checks into rehab after his boyfriend, Yunho, leaves him. The sequel explores life after they take off to Seoul together. There's plenty of angst but also so so much adorable fluff in little vignettes. The characters' conflicts are portrayed so realistically, and the angst very relatable because it's actually the stuff real-life couples may encounter. The writing is absolutely beautiful.

Forbidden and Second Chances by VampireMadonna. Her masterlist is here. Also do check out Save Me.
Forbidden is set in a historical alternate universe, and adapted loosely from the Korean movie "Frozen Flower". I have a soft spot for any fics with historical contexts, and the characters' conflicts are realistically portrayed. Second chances is set in modern times, where Jaejoong and Changmin are best friends, and Jaejoong helps ease Yunho's heartache when his husband Changmin passes away. The characters' thoughts and feelings are expressed so strongly and effectively that I've cried for them in a few chapters, and I'm not one to cry while reading. This fic may be rather long, and probably can't be read in one sitting, but it has some really beautiful, mature writing. Readers really follow the characters on the different stages of their grief.

Cockblocking!Min Series/Universe by sentimentalenvy. Archived here
In short: Changmin is Yunho's cockblocking nephew. This verse is seriously HILARIOUS. A snarky yet innocent Changmin is totally adorbs, and I love how Yunho's plan to use kid Changmin to gain points with Jaejoong backfires spectacularly. The writing is intelligent and witty, and the push and pull between Yunjae is so much fun to read here.

Just Another (Gay) Teenage Drama by atriums.
Jaejoong gets knocked up by Yunho, who happens to hate him. I usually cringe at the idea of mpreg, but when the plot is well-executed and well-written, it makes for an interesting read. That's the beauty of writing, conjuring up fictitious worlds and making them seem real with the adept stroke of a brush pen. Please do not commit the travesty of speed-reading or you'll miss the little gems of witty humour peppered in just the right doses. The writing has a whimsical flourish to it, and yet the emotions are all maturely conveyed. Makes for a one-of-a-kind mpreg delight.

It Had To Be You  and Viewfinder by yukimiya87. Look here for it.
It Had To Be You is a quintessential yunjae + moonbin fic. I love how the characters' conflicts are very realistic, and the interactions between all the characters are so well played out. Viewfinder is another gem I came across while pouring through the masterlist at overflowingmuse. Yunho and Jaejoong are a successful photographer/director pair who are also best friends cum housemates. The sexual tension between them is sizzling, and the writing does an impeccable job of drawing it all out. I've noticed that yukimiya87 has an understated style of writing; it is lyrical, and beautiful in its coherence and gradual build up of plot and characterization.

Ai no koto/Things about Love! Universe by little_passions
So Jaejoong is a geisha, and Yunho is his persistent patron who eventually becomes his lover. It's the little details and scenarios which make the universe such a pleasure to read. The writing is simple yet whimsical, it can be light-hearted at times, yet overflowing with gravitas at others. This is my favourite in the romance genre.

Pandora's Box by outlandishhh. Chapters 1-24, later chapters here
Before the tearjerker that is Damaged came along, there was Pandora's Box. It's an angst-ridden high school fic, with a highly-disturbed Jaejoong and an over-protective Yunho living with the others that they took in. Angst-ridden may be the biggest understatement ever, and many are deceived into thinking this is the typical high-school fic featuring unrequited love between Yunjae. WRONG. You couldn't be further from the truth, and their love is plagued by Jaejoong's unresolved psychological issues. Pandora's Box was extremely memorable because it hurt the most to read, the pain gut-wringing and heart-clenching. It is the darkest fic I've ever read. The writing style is also unique, it is abrupt at instances, but you'll understand that it is deliberately so.

Flagratus by chocolick and Glass Heart by mearii87
In flagratus, Jaejoong is a phoenix facing his last rebirth without having met his half. In short, Glass Heart is set in a sci-fi (?) AU where pirate Jaejoong kidnaps Yunho for his own ulterior motives. Or so Yunho thinks. So why are these two even discussed together here? Well, the two authors have one thing in common: they are adept at seamlessly weaving in beautiful, evocative imagery into their writing. So so good at it it's praiseworthy (:

Post-it Love by blurmeese
This is the most moving one-shot I've ever read. It's bittersweet in a way that tugs at your heartstrings. It's short, and the writing minimalistic in style, but herein lies the beauty of the writing - it takes the smallest, most mundane moments in life and injects poignancy into them. It's a piece worth revisiting from time to time.

The Long Exile by kitsuneyujji
Another mystery-filled piece with two universes shown in tandem (historical! and band! verses). But one thing is clear - their love is timeless, it transcends the boundaries of time across universes. I have no idea how I didn't come across this until a lot later, but I was hooked right from the prologue and poured through it all in one sitting. The writing has a descriptive flair; it's lyrical but not too wordy.

Everything's Perfect by emballement
Jaejoong and Yunho start off as best friends, but venture into murky waters as the lines get blurred. Both of their feelings are portrayed perfectly, and everything falls in nicely by the last chapter such that readers have a sense of fulfilment. Seriously, read this!

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